Comprehensive valve repair and maintenance service

Our valve repair and maintenance service involves our technical team stripping down and inspecting he valve to determine its working condition, damage sustained and dimensions. This process will also determine if it would be cost-effective to repair the valve and which parts should be changed.

We regularly undertake commercial and military strip and surveys for MOD valve repairs during re-fits at dockyards throughout the UK.

Thorough inspection

Shipham’s Valves repair and maintenance service includes:

  • A stripping down process
  • Thorough inspection (including a visual inspection to identify physical damage)
  • Cleaning up valves

Our recommendations

Once this process is complete, our technical team will detail our findings and recommendations in a comprehensive report will indicate:

  • The current condition of your valve
  • The level of repair required (If it suitable for repair?)
  • What spare parts should be replaced

Testing to the same standards as new valves?

Any valves repaired by Shiphams are subject to the same thorough testing conditions as any new valve we manufacture would be. This service helps restore your valves to a fully operational state and almost new condition.

Added-value valve repairs

We also:

  • Provide on-site repairs for valves within their warranty
  • Provide pre-commissioning and start-up valve services on a paid basis
  • Provide on-site emergency and valve repair service on a paid basis

Urgent Repairs

These valve repair services can be delivered at short notice to meet urgent customer requirements.  We have approved partners worldwide who meet the required standards and can deliver valve testing and repair on our behalf.

Can We Help?

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