Investment in modern and cutting-edge machine technology

Our HNK HB130-S.4P CNC Horizontal Boring Machining Centre enables machining from 1/2" - 48" valves

Our investors have supported this investment plan to bring machining and valve manufacturing capabilities back in-house. We have commissioned the purchase of eight new modern machines covering our complete product range.

With groundworks completed, the final two new machines will be installed throughout quarters one and two of 2022. In addition, modern pressure testing equipment will be installed in each area within the business.

Our workshop, manufacturing plant and facilitates have been totally transformed with the investment in modern machining technology such as new Horizontal Boring Machining Centre, the HNK HB130-S.4P CNC and flexible Trevisan DS450/130C turning and milling machine.

HNK HB130-S.4P CNC Horizontal Boring Machine centre

The new HNK HB130-S.4P CNC Horizontal Boring Machine centre 4 x 4 pallet system holds up to four x 1.4 metre pallets and with a swing of up to 2.3 metres provides great versatility, flexibility, efficiency and quick changeover times.

Trevisan DS450/130C Turning and Milling Machine Centre

The new Trevisan DS450/130C Turning and Milling Machine Centre that delivers high-speed boring and turning (both small or large diameter) capabilities for machining parts up to 600mm.

This machine is equipped with a three-pallet changing system and a facing head that allows technicians to perform turning operations when the piece is still. The 3 pallet capabilities allows our business to run all 3 of the main castings in our Gate body rage, in continuous cycles to maximise our efficiency.

Instantly switching valve design

The designated tooling and fixture package supplied by Trevisan has given us the ability to instantly switch from one valve design to another in minutes.

Rob Moulds, Managing Director, comments:

“Shipham is one of the longest established and most highly respected valve manufacturers in the world. This is an exciting step for us as we pursue our vision.

“Our existing range of industry-leading manufacturing technology has been further enhanced with the additional investment of the HNK HB130-S.4P CNC Horizontal Boring Centre and the Trevisan DS450/130C Turning and Milling Machine Centre during the spring of 2022.”

Shipham Valves HNK HB130-S.4P CNC Horizontal Boring Machining Centre

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