Nickel Aluminium Bronze delivers excellent corrosion performance

Nickel-Aluminium Bronze (Ni.Al.Brz) valves are most commonly used for seawater applications or where seawater or brine is present. In these applications it delivers a long service life, excellent wear properties and corrosion resistance; particularly where resistance to Chloride pitting is a requirement.

Several industries benefit from its properties

It is widely used in valve applications such as naval ships, submarines and the oil and gas industry, where valve industry standards and client require strength, longevity and reliability .

Cost-effective valve solution

The lifespan and associated costs of using a NAB valve in seawater applications are economically superior to other solutions when considering added inspection, maintenance and service costs. You should also account for the whole valve replacement, typically required when other solutions are adopted.

Although it is a complex material, NAB is versatile and meets the requirements of numerous applications for several industries, providing benefits including:

  • Strength and durability
  • High corrosion resistance and performance
  • Cost-effective
  • Excellent wear and galling resistance
  • Good cryogenic properties
  • Effectively operates within a temperature range – 196° to +325°C
  • Non-sparking

Valve testing

Nickel Aluminium Bronze valves are also widely used in fire systems or potable water systems, so approvals such as UL, FM or WRAS are common requirements.

Other materials

Achilles Member of BVAA BSI FM Approved UL Listed

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