Shipham Valves Machine Workshop Transformation Update

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We are pleased to update our readers on the progress of our machine workshop transformation.

As a result of the significant investments made in our plant, equipment, and people over the past 18 months, the business has undergone a significant transformation.

In order to minimise disruption to our regular daily operations, contractors’ accessibility, and adherence to safety and health standards, we implemented this transformation in phases. Recently, eight new machines covering the entire product line were purchased and installed. This project is now complete.

This investment includes CNC machines and leading-edge technology such as the high-precision HNK HB130-S.4P and Trevisan DS450/130C turning and milling machines as well as several Hwacheon vertical and horizontal turning centres of various specifications.

We feel it’s worth highlighting the two machine centres below in greater detail below, due to their precision, high performance, speed, efficiencies and reduced cycle times.

HNK HB130-S.4P CNC Horizontal Boring Machine Centre

Our new HNK HB130-S.4P CNC Horizontal Boring Machining Centre was installed and commissioned in early spring 2022 and is ideal for precision and heavy-duty boring and milling machining operations. The HNK’s extended and heavy load built-in rotary combination table facilitates accurate positioning, flexibility and precision machining.

Designed to hold and machine up to 7.5 tons in weight per pallet, the 4 x 1.4 metre pallets have a swinging of up to 2.3 metres.

HNK Trevisan DS450/130C Turning and Milling Machine Centre

The Trevisan DS450/130C Turning and Milling Machine Centre was installed in late Winter 2021 and delivers high-speed boring and turning (both small or large diameter) capabilities for machining parts up to 600mm. It is equipped with a turning head that allows turning operations to be performed, whilst a part is still. This provides the combined benefits of both stationary-part and rotating-part machining.

 This machining centre is equipped with 700mm x 700mm pallets and a 2-position pallet changer (which can be increased to three positions) to allow the loading and unloading of parts while continuing machining.

It is mounted and clamped to a fully programmable continuous rotary table, with a servo motor drive and a high precision angle encoder.

Shipham Valves, Head of Operations, Paul Morrod comments: “It’s great to see the last machine up and running and now in production. We have started setting up a large order of 24.0 Butterfly Valves in specialist Hastalloy material on 2 pallets with 2 rigs, to fully complete a valve in one-single operation, on each pallet.”

Progress is going well and we will soon have the possibility of introducing full production on shifts to maximise our capacity”.

To learn more about our machine shop and manufacturing capabilities, please contact Shipham Valves at

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